Legal Aid Solicitors

At the police station
In criminal investigations, court proceedings and prison law we are able to provide free advice to clients detained for criminal investigations at police stations or anywhere where the client is to be interviewed under PACE in the presence of a police officer.

Advocacy and assistance
We are also able to offer advice and representation in other proceedings such as

  • prison disciplinary matters
  • parole board hearings
  • antisocial behaviour order applications
  • various other applications which do not fall under normal criminal legal aid

Whilst this advice and representation may be free, this is means tested and you will need to discuss with us whether you would qualify for that representation.

Legal Aid in the Magistrates Courts

This is available to clients who meet two criteria.

  1. The first is determined by the Court, who must consider whether your case is sufficiently serious for you to require the representation and advice of a lawyer.
  2. The Court will consider your means taking into account your income, your partner’s income, and any dependents you may have.

We understand and accept that this is a complicated area and it is for that reason that we are able to offer a free one hour interview to help you make the application for legal aid. We will then keep you informed as to whether legal aid has been granted. If it isn’t, then it may be that we will be able to represent you on a private basis and that will be discussed with you in detail once the decision as to your eligibility for legal aid is made.

Legal Aid in the Crown Court
This is slightly different from the magistrates court proceedings. At Crown Court your means are not considered for the granting of Legal Aid, although at the conclusion of the case, subject to your means, the judge may order that you make a contribution to your defence costs. This will depend on your income, outgoings, savings, capital and the circumstances of the case.