Criminal Investigation Solicitors

Our criminal investigation solicitors aim to provide legal advice and assistance at the police station of the highest quality. This is irrespective of the client’s income or source of funding. Our solictiors offices cover the whole of London. Our dedicated police station advice teams are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and are always available to ensure that those arrested at any time, night or day, are able to call upon our experience in criminal matters and professionalism to provide excellent advice wherever and whenever required. We have a vast experience of advising suspects and detainees in respect of all manner of criminal offences covering the whole spectrum of criminal offences from murder and rape to theft and road traffic offences.

All persons accused of criminal offences have the right to seek advice from an independent criminal solicitor. We are able to provide advice to all suspects held in police custody free of charge and are able to respond to a request for advice be it on the telephone or in person within very strict time limits, ensuring that advice is given at a time when it is most needed.

Our emergency telephone lines are manned 24 hours a day and we ensure that, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being detained by the police, that you will be advised by an experienced criminal solicitor.

Each one of our dedicated criminal solicitor teams is headed by a senior solicitor who is available 24 hours a day aiming to ensure that legal advice is available at a time when suspects are at their most vulnerable in police custody.

The arrest of an individual is just the beginning of the criminal investigation process. Sometimes an individual may be charged immediately, summonsed to court or bailed to return to the police station. We will be on hand to help in all these circumstances should that be at Court or during the process awaiting for the police to make a decision as to the case’s final outcome.

Advice at the police station is free and advice after release from the police station may also be free in certain circumstances. Please call our officer number 0208 418 2900 to find out if you qualify.

Should you require emergency advice and assistance then we can be contacted prior to arrest in office hours on 0208 418 2900 or outside office hours on 07818 575793.

Advice at the police station is free to the suspect.